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“Most use radio as an afterthought. We’ve won elections with it!”

“Effective television ads don’t have to be expensive!

We can make magic happen for any budget!”

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We have some marvelous new print materials that just can’t be

displayed in some market areas at this time. Check back soon!

We strive for simplicity, functionality and good looks with every site created and also provide a separate mobile version.
We can provide any style of site you so desire. We can do basic one-page websites all the way up to very complex versions with animations, special effects, sub- menus, videos, animations, audios, links, forms, donation options and more.
We created the website you’re on right now and can also walk you through some other live sites we’ve done. Just call.
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We also employ a number of techniques to achieve search engine optimization fast!
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“If you think about it, CHANGE only happens when emotions

come into play! Radio, TV & Videos stir emotions the best!”

“I don’t take a one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter approach like

most in this business. If all political ads look and sound the same,

what’s going to make your ads truly stand-out in the crowd?”

“The best compliments I’ve ever received for my political

work didn’t come from the candidates who won but

actually from their opponents’ who didn’t.”

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Come election day night either balloons or tears will fall.
There's no middle ground and the victory equation is wrought with many variables that can complicate a winning solution.
It's all about non-stop hard work & replacing as many of those campaign variables with proven constants, so the winning equation can be solved!
I've been involved in the "ideas" and media side of political campaigns for over 35 years, from local row offices to US Congress. I've been fortunate to have seen far more 'balloons fall' than 'tears' and am proud to have played a key role in over a hundred victorious campaigns.
Political pundits, writers and bloggers have often said my work was either the primary catalyst or even the main reason some candidates won. It's of course a nice perk for the ego but I know that in most cases great media alone can't win an election.
I humbly submit that my strategic creative ideas, professional media work & battle-tested experience are proven constants on which, you can rely!
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“A very savvy businessman once told me that in marketing,

“It ain’t the meat, it’s the motion!””

“It always amazes me when a candidate takes ad-campaign

advice from inner-circle colleagues who have never conducted an

advertising media campaign in their lives. I’ve done thousands.”

Any ad agency can provide you the media elements for a political campaign. Few know how to craft those elements to win elections and usually have to farm out radio, television, animation, video. We do it all in house and we do it for candidates nationwide!
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RADIO COMMERCIALS Any style, including our unique, theater of the mind styles that work wonders!    TELEVISION  COMMERCIALS On location w/crew, hover-cam etc. or  just send us existing footage or stills.  ALL PRINT  We can provide you excellent layouts &   designs for all print-related media.  ONLINE VIDEOS Professional video for websites and social media. Why settle for a slide show?   WEBSITES We’ve purchased and placed millions of dollars of commercial airtime nationwide. MEDIA BUYING SLOGANS/LOGOS/CONSULTING Stuck?  Need help?  Get a pro viewpoint or creative solution from  outside the forest!    COMPLETE CAMPAIGNS We’re often retained to provide all or most broadcast, print and online needs. From basic to complex with a keen eye for design, ease of use and all media. Click to See List Below