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My first experiences in the advertising world began in New York.

More and more people look online for info and we can

produce ANY type of video easily even without your footage.

• Just a Few of Our Design Layouts •
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See more print related work in our political area.

We strive for simplicity, functionality and good looks with every site created and also provide a separate mobile version.
We can provide any style of site you so desire. We can do very basic websites all the way up to very complex versions with animations, special effects, sub-menus, videos, animations, audios, links, forms, donation options and more.
We created the website you’re on right now and can also walk you through some other live sites we’ve done. Just call.
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We also employ a number of techniques to achieve search engine optimization fast!

We can do all sorts of websites, even one page wonders!

We did the site your on now that has multiple AV files.

“Use a video to tell your story or describe your event and put it

on your Website, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and other venues.”

In-depth Site w/ Many Pages
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A savvy businessman once told me, “In regards to marketing,

it ain’t the meat, it’s the motion.” I responded, “Wonder if I could

give you both?” He replied, “You do that and the account’s yours!”

I proceeded to do all of his work for 22 years. ‘-)


When national companies ask you to write and produce

their custom radio ads you must be doing something right!

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Basic Info Site With a Flair
I know how to get your media project in motion better than most!
All Services Provided
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Where Superlative Ideas Merge With Masterful Productions


• General Advertising Services Provided •
RADIO COMMERCIALS Any style, including our unique, theater of the mind styles that work wonders!    TELEVISION  COMMERCIALS On location w/crew, hover-cam etc. or  just send us existing footage or stills.  ALL PRINT  We can provide you excellent layouts &   designs for all print-related media.  ONLINE VIDEOS Professional video for websites and social media. Why settle for a slide show?   WEBSITES From white boards morphing into real footage to talking/singing/dancing characters VARIOUS ANIMATIONS SLOGANS/LOGOS/CONSULTING Stuck?  Need help?  Get a pro viewpoint or creative solution from  outside the forest!    COMPLETE CAMPAIGNS We can provide you with a complete advertising campaign better than most! From basic to complex with a keen eye for design, ease of use and all media.