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Bob Harper has over 38 years of broadcast, print, multimedia and online experience for local, regional and national clients. His retail and corporate work has won numerous awards and his political offerings have helped win over a 170 campaigns. His creative skills are second-to-none and he has written, produced and/or performed in over 10,000 media productions.
Where it all began . . .
PROFESSIONAL SERVICES AVAILABLE for political or general advertising
From straight Voice-Over styles to dramatic voice acting, Bob Harper has “one of those voices” people notice immediately, but more importantly, BELIEVE! He has done thousands of Voice-Overs including many “nationals” while SAG/AFTRA, NYC.
Bob has self-written and produced over 5,000 radio ads alone for clients around the country and beyond. His “theater of the mind” styles are audio works-of-art and his ads have done wonders for businesses, corporations and politicians.
Great and EFFECTIVE television ads don’t have to be super expensive. Bob Harper Productions has proven this time and time again! We can come to you with a full crew or merely use your footage or stock footage or even stills and make it work!
We can help you with with design and layouts for any type of printed materials from ads, brochures, postcards and POP displays, to signs, billboards and more. Like any other medium, less is more and we focus on that at all times.
We strive for simplicity, functionality and good looks with every site created and also provide a tailored mobile version. We can also create various animations that will work on any device. We just don’t do multi-product, e-commerce sites.
You’ve seen those corporate videos with talking and moving characters etc. and we can indeed do that type of animation and more. We can animate virtually anything and get it to talk, sing or dance. We can also do white board animations.
Why settle for a slide show when you could excite your viewers with a custom video production! We can do virtually any style, type, length and even if you don’t have any video footage, we could use stock footage or even stills!
Back in the day, Bob Harper wrote and produced over 200 musical jingles and knows how to pen a catchy hook and melody. He can create a memorable jingle or theme song for you & also arrange for its production in LA, NYC or Nashville.
Hi, I’m Bob Harper & although I’ve always made it point to implement the latest technological marvels, I’ve never lost sight of the key principles to any effective presentation. It all starts with a strong IDEA designed specifically for a desired demo. Then, it’s essential to KNOW HOW to bring it to life for maximum impact and effectiveness. I humbly submit that great ‘ideas’ are my strong suit. Media production and performance is simply, my life.

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From excellent creative ideas to professional productions for Print, Radio, Television & Social Media!
Where superlative ideas merge with masterful production!